Helmet Saves Road safety Exide Life Insurance

Helmet Saves   Road safety   Exide Life Insurance

#HelmetSaves Road accidents are the biggest cause of unnatural death among men. A two-wheeler rider is the most at risk of being killed in a road accident. About 28 two-wheeler riders died daily on Indian roads in 2016 for not wearing helmets according to an analysis of data shared by states with the transport ministry. As per data issued by Police and Transport Departments in States, one of every five bike occupants who died in crashes was not wearing helmet and their total number was 10,135. As per a recent UN Motorcycle Helmet Study “Wearing an appropriate helmet improves the chances of survival by 42% and helps avoid 69% of injuries to riders.”

In India, Helmet is still not viewed as a necessity while riding a two-wheeler. In fact there are people who even strap-on their helmets on their arms instead of actually wearing it on their heads while riding. In the hustle bustle of daily life, the importance of a helmet is lost. Exide Life Insurance realized that there isn’t enough communication about this issue. The dire necessity of a helmet is still not understood.

Through “Helmet Saves”, the company wants to reach out to as large an audience as possible with a message that would serve as a wake-up call as to how important a helmet actually is. Therefore digital media was chosen as a platform to spread awareness. In its initial phase, Exide Life Insurance has released a digital film that uses an unusual route to help people realize the importance of a helmet and serves as a wake-up call for all those two wheeler riders not wearing helmets to start doing s