Insurance for my Buffalo, New York commercial tenants in my building

Hi tom larsen here from the larsen production team and uh one little tip for commercial property owners like if i was lucky enough to own this little strip plaza behind me one thing i would do is make each of those tenants add me an additional insured and their insurance policy what does that do? for me the building or if i own this uh building added liability protection on each tenants policy so let's say somebody slipped and fell inside the barber shop behind me the attorney for the injured party sue the tenants right that barbershop but also sues me 'cause i own the building and the landlord well my first line of defense that would be on the barber shops insurance because i'm also listed on their as an additional picture so my insurance wouldn't have to respond first his insurance would so with you because you're lucky enough to own property like this or any kind of commercial property make sure your listened as an additional insured on tenants insurance policy and tom larsen larsen protection team