The Twelve Best Free Online Dates of Xmas

The Twelve Best Free Online Dates of Xmas

The Twelve Dates of Christmas Time

I am publishing a few cryptic status updates on Facebook recently in regards to the many suitors during my crazy dating life. Since heading back online, i have had some super weird horror tales (that I’ll save yourself for the subsequent entry) however for now, we thought you would enjoy a far more in depth description of this men I’m conversing with.

I personally use the term “men” instead loosely!

Suitor number 1: Name: JJ Age: 39 Height: 6’3 Job: Engineer Lives: Long Island OkCupid Match: a disappointing 69% he shall be called by us JJ, mostly for the reason that it’s the nickname only their sibling is permitted to make use of. From someone else, he hates it. Kinda just like me with Kimmy. It is possible to phone me personally Kim, Kimberly, or Kimba, however for the passion for all things holy, PLEASE try not to phone me personally Kimmy. (Unless you are my small bro. I am called by him Timmy. Cutest thing ever! ) JJ and I also are dating for a number of months. We came across on the internet and their writing hooked me personally above other things. He is acutely smart, specialized in their work, well look over, super nerdy, and incredibly high. Our times have included pizza and guy of Steel, just about every day in the coastline, and a swanky supper with their buddies among countless other people. We have been therefore excellent together. We knew We liked him fairly in early stages, and would gladly stop trying my solitary woman status for a genuine relationship with JJ. With me talking to other guys since he isn’t “ready” to be exclusive / committed to me, he said that he’s “totally ok. We occur to know he wants me to do, than I’ll do it that he is NOT ok with this, but if that’s what. Go into the remaining portion of the Suitors. Reputation: UNKNOWN

Suitor no. 2: title: My Colleague’s Father’s company Partner’s Son — you might have find out about him in the last weblog entry, My husband to be. Age: 29 Height: 6’0 Job: Construction worker everyday everyday Lives: has their home that is own on Island OkCupid match: No clue, although I would personally want to discover! My teammate at the office desired to set me up with # 2 over an ago, and through a series of circumstances, we never met year. He finally got my quantity therefore we’ve been texting for a number of months. We have had a couple of phone that is good, however the many disappointing thing had been which he ended up being smoker. Instant deal breaker for me personally.

Suitor no. 3: title: Dan Age: 38 Height: 6’0 Job: IT for a appropriate company in NYC life: Astoria OkCupid Match: 82% Dan and I also had been talking previously come july 1st, before i obtained afraid of males (which actually means i recently did not need to get harmed once again! ) He delivered great communications, saturated in witty remarks and humor that is insightful. He is smart and simple to speak with and made me feel immediately comfortable. I sent Dan this message: “Hey, I’ve got some personal stuff going on right now, so am taking my profile down for a while before I took my profile down for several months. If you should be nevertheless on here whenever I reactivate it (which for your benefit i am hoping you aren’t), you’re going to be the person that is first message. ” Would not you understand it, a months that are few we updated my profile and within a day of logging on, Dan had written if you ask me. He stated, “Hey, i am hoping you needed to sort everything out that you took the time. I examined every couple of days to see if perhaps you were online once more. We missed conversing with you. Welcome back. ” And merely that way, Dan and I also began interacting each and every day. He is even simpler to communicate with now him better that I know. We share loves of bacon, jazz, Cards Against Humanity, new york, farmer’s areas, and nation music. Dan and I just just take images of y our text and food them to one another on a regular basis. I am called by him through the supermarket to express things such as ” We have pasta and eggs in the home. Exactly what do we make with that? ” and I also talk him through the aisles to generate one thing delicious. Our very very first call had been while he ended up being wandering the supermarket, plus it felt therefore normal. It felt like us. Reputation: ACTIVE

Suitor #4: title: Steve Age: 32 Height: 5’11 Job: Gas fireplace repairman life: longer Island (way to avoid it eastern) OkCupid Match: 89% Steve and I also began dealing with our provided love of tea. The time that is first texted me personally, we’d both just sat right down to a hot glass of Trader Joe’s Pomegranate White Tea! Of all of the teas on the planet to be consuming at the time, fate tossed us to the exact exact exact same cup that is steamy. We took this as a sign that is good and now we had a number of hour-long calls. Steve provided me with their final title so of course I facebook stalked him. (Sorry people but it is 2013 — knowledge is energy! ) There have been a few pictures of him with a child that is small but he’d never pointed out a young child prior to. His twitter handle had been on the website, therefore I seemed that up too. Probably the most present tweet had been “My crazy bitch of an ex spouse who hates me personally with all the fire of one thousand suns is stalking my twitter feed. Get fucking figure! ” There have been a couple of other explicit tweets about just getting 4 hours per week together with his son, her being psycho, the whole world ass that is generally sucking. We do not judge anybody centered on their social networking, but that may seem like too baggage that is much us to manage straight away. Sorry, Steve. Reputation: ELIMINATED DUE TO ANGRY TWEETS

Suitor #12: Name: The Pianist Age: 31 Height: 6’0 Job: Concert Pianist and Piano Teacher Lives: brand brand brand New Jersey (ugh) OkCupid Match: 93% The Pianist is incredibly achieved, educated, cultured, well look over, and well traveled. He spends the majority of their amount of time in Manhattan and made a decision to are now living in nj-new jersey for the view of NYC. He could’ve resided in Brooklyn when it comes to views of our reasonable skyline, but he prefers the impression of suburbia amidst the big town. He could be additionally a fan of low priced fuel, low fees, and a broad number of malls. He plays piano at sets from business activities to parties that are private concert halls. He shows pupils through the youngest protege to the collegiate elite. He’s type and thoughtful and keeps in touch just enough therefore that i am aware he is thinking about me personally, although not a great deal as to frighten me away. He is Armenian, that we knew absolutely nothing about except that the Kardashians are Armenian. (excuse me ahead of time to your whole country of Armenia that the Kardashian clan could be the thing that is only learn about your nation! Really, i did not even comprehend that much. I was told by the Pianist! ) He is wonderful to date and I also am extremely excited to access know him better. Reputation: ACTIVE

Suitor #13: Name: Nick the Dick Age: an overgrown adolescent Height: gutter Job: irritating individuals life: in a dark and dirty destination OkCupid Match: this really is simply absurd Alright, i am aware that we said there were twelve times of xmas, but I experienced to toss this 1 on for good measure. Bad, unlucky thirteen. Nick ended up being charming sufficient online but once the saying goes, “Good in writing, shit in real world. ” Nick skipped within the texting an element of the on the web dating progression and called me the moment he got my quantity. He had been really talkative (an excessive amount of so! ) and I also could not get yourself a term in edgewise. He said which he does not have confidence in love being all “doves and butterflies and performing and shit. Love is not like this. It is crap in most cases. You have simply surely got to find some one you can easily tolerate. ” He additionally stated that whenever children that are raising “it’s best to simply place a sack over their heads often so that they shut up and listen. Guess what happens they do say about physical physical physical violence: whether it’s no longer working, you aren’t utilizing an adequate amount of it! ” And lastly, as he asked what my weirdest online dating sites experience happens to be, we told him concerning the man week that is last wished to pee on (with? ) me personally. Nick’s reaction had been “thus I guess permitting me take a shit for you may be out regarding the concern, cause you are a prude? ” Reputation: ELIMINATED ON THE BASIS OF ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME.