What is Other Structures Coverage? | Allstate Insurance

I’m Carly Hiteman, and I’m an Allstate agency owner in Naperville, Illinois I’m going to talk about other structures coverage

Other structures coverage is part of most homeowners policies It helps pay to repair or replace structures on your property that aren't attached to your home — like a fence or detached garage — if they're ever damaged by a covered peril One Saturday, we had a major storm roll through our town The winds were really strong There was one customer who had a 6-foot wooden privacy fence along the back of his property

When the storm came in, the wind completely flattened three panels of the fence There was a busy road directly behind his house With the fence down, he was very concerned about the safety of his kids and dog in the backyard He came in on Monday morning, and I helped him open a claim We were able to help him find a local fence repair service

Someone came out the next day The fence posts needed to be removed, reset with new concrete, and replaced, so there was some work to do In all, the bill added up to $2,100 Fortunately, the customer had enough other structures coverage on his homeowners policy to help cover the cost of repairing the fence He only had to pay his $500 deductible

When people think about homeowners insurance, they usually think about protecting their house But coverage is usually there for fences or detached garages – those other structures on your property that can be expensive if you have to pay out of pocket to repair or replace them