What is Water Backup Coverage? | Allstate Insurance

Hi, I’m Tonia Maxwell and I’m an Allstate agency owner in Norwalk and Vermilion, Ohio I'm here to talk about water backup coverage, which is optional protection that can be added to a homeowners insurance policy

It may help cover damage in a home caused by a backed up drain or broken sump pump There was one customer who wasn’t sure he needed this coverage because his home was on a hill and he had two drains on his property One night after work, he looked into his basement and saw the floor was covered in several inches of brown water Both drains had backed up and sewage was flowing into his house As you can imagine, he had to have the entire basement cleaned, disinfected and completely dried out

All the furniture and carpeting in the basement was ruined, and the water heater was damaged as well All together, the damage and repairs totaled nearly $10,000 When he first called me, he couldn’t remember if he had purchased water backup coverage I pulled up his policy and said, ‘It’s there You’ve got $5,000 in coverage

’ And he just said, 'Thank goodness’ So although he didn’t have enough coverage to pay for all of the repairs, his insurance paid $5,000 toward fixing the damage, and he was able to pay for the rest He called me again the very next day to increase his water backup coverage, in case something like that ever happens again