You may record any pests or upload your suggested statements on here, for either of my two games.

You may record any pests or upload your suggested statements on here, for either of my two games.

Many thanks everybody for the support that is continued because it, our games will never occur.

Here’s to some other 3 years!

V.0.22.5: Bugfix launch – Love points limitation increased to 400 – Grammar errors fixed.

V0.22: This improvement will end up being the start of Chapter 3 – The Finale. For people who have actually played through before the end of Chapter 2, you will definitely keep in mind that D and F are planning to get to their brand new house Seaside. We figured it will be the way that is perfect end this Chapter, additionally the ideal method to start this brand new one with D and F stepping into their brand new house. V22 further progresses the partnership between D plus the MC, and we’ll observe they place plans set up for his or her unique relationship when you look at the future. They’ll get together with a few faces that are familiar and somebody F had been hoping never to see once again (one individual in specific). Particular areas from Chapter 1 whenever D and F visited Seaside final time will additionally feature once more. In terms of F’s other relationships regarding the part (if you’re on the other side girls paths), we’ve utilized this change to get ready those flames that are particular be re-introduced into future updates. Not absolutely all figures will feature in v22, however now that individuals have more time to work on the game, they will all be given their own special endings before we reach the final conclusion that we know. Without offering way too much more away, we are able to properly state that this is basically the update that is biggest regarding the game that individuals have actually ever done. There’s more than 1,700 brand new renders, record-breaking lines of rule, a few brand brand brand new animations, as well as the walkthrough for several days 28 and 30 took a long time to have appropriate!

– kitchen area intercourse with D x 2 roles (animated) – going straight straight straight down on D while she’s in the phone – beach sex with D x 3 jobs, 2 places (animated) – tit fucking D on the beach (animated) – BJ from D regarding the coastline (animated) – dual masturbation D and F couch scene (animated) – ball lick from D – BJ from D in room (animated) – cowgirl sex with D (animated) – D bondage bed room scene (bonus) – taking place on D into the room (bonus) – teasing D with intercourse things (bonus) – missionary sex with D (bonus animated) – shower intercourse with D (animated) – oral sex when you look at the shower from D (animated) – Olivia squeezes D’s breasts (bonus) – D and F regarding the play ground (bonus) – BJ from D from the play ground (bonus animated) – missionary bed room intercourse with D (animated) – dental intercourse within the bedroom from D (animated) – doggy-style bedroom sex with D (animated) – Elena masturbation scene viewing F and D have sexual intercourse (bonus) – F and D have intercourse close to Elena whenever she’s asleep (bonus) – BJ from Elena within the extra space (animated) – cowgirl sex with Elena within the free space (animated)

V0.21.5: Hi dudes, I simply wished to notify you that I’ve updated the download links to DMD v. 21.5. The focus that is main of variation would be to fix the insects you’ve reported since DMD v. 21 arrived on the scene. A number of the pests fixed are: – Plot holes involving Georgina and Jennifer roads. – Kissing scene between D and Jennifer. – Android os users: Users got stuck into the keyboard discussion when beginning the overall game without any saves from CH1, naming a salvage or wanting to alter D’s name. – Grammar errors Final terms DMD v. 21.5 will not include any brand new scenes I’m afraid. In the event that you’ve currently played v. 21 then there’s no requirement for you to install the entire game once again. Then i’d recommend that you try this version out if you’re an Android user and you’re having issues when starting the game with no saves from CH1, changing D’s name or naming your saves. We’ll return to DMD in June. The production date for DMD v. 22 is placed to 29th, 2019 june

A scene gallery containing every scene in chapter 2 and 3 is now able to be accessed through the menu that is main. All of the scenes happen to be unlocked/viewable, meaning you don’t need certainly to replay the video game in order to understand scenes when you look at the gallery.

I’ve currently made over 100 improvements to a great deal of activities when you look at the game so you shall continually be in a position to see a large number of missable scenes. Therefore now most of the scenes will play for activities alternatively of only 1. It is additionally now feasible doing every path and unlock every reward in Chapter 1 in mere one playthrough. Browse the complete listing of improvements below to see most of the modifications.

Chapter 3:

Day 28: an instant begin choice happens to be included with the beginning of the video game that may set your entire stats to your optimum. 28: You can now cup the daughter’s breasts and squeeze her ass in the morning instead of only one day. 28: You can now choose any outfit without missing points day. Day 28: You now won’t points that are miss you decide to cum outside whenever in the beach. Day 28: it’s simple to grab the daughter’s boobs and ass before supper in place of just one. Day 28: through the night intercourse scene it is possible to decided to utilize the feather as well as the dildo in the child as opposed to only 1, deciding to cum on her cause that is won’t you miss points, and you may additionally select both alternatives whenever because of the option to kiss her as opposed to only one. Day 30: Fixed a bug into the game where Jennifer’s call won’t trigger in the event that you aren’t in a relationship with Elena. Day 30: deciding to have blowjob into the bath will not any longer cause you to definitely miss points. Day 30: it’s simple to select any gown with Olivia and without lacking points. Day 30: its now always feasible to do the anal scene at night regarding the no Elena path and you won’t miss it if you’re in a relationship along with other girls. Day 30: making love with Elena will no further cause one to miss points.